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Bird Control
Real Solutions are bird management specialists based in India. We cover all of the parts of India for commercial, industrial, agricultural, public and domestic sectors experiencing any type of feral bird problem. We have many years experience in the Bird & Pest Control industry and with no job too big or too small Birdproofing Solutions are the best choice for you.

This website covers two separate bird control services. Firstly is our specialist custom installation service. With our custom installation service you as a customer will be advised on the problem in hand and provided with our recommendation to eliminate the issue. We can then (once you are completely happy) go ahead and fit the products required i.e. bird spikes, adhesives and nets, enabling you to eliminate bird pest problems.

Our website will provide you with all the information required if you have a bird control problem as well as specialist advice by our team of expert fitters who will be able to tailor a custom solution to your problem.
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